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4 Do’s and Don’ts of Installing Pavers

Are you ready to install your new brick pavers? Before you do that, you ask yourself if you know what you’re doing. Here are some do’s and don’ts that will guide you in this process:

Do use a design software to create a map. The first thing you’ll do in this process is to create a drawing of the project area. Due to the recent advancement in technology, you can use an app or a design software to create one. When you have a scaled design, you’re going to find out it’s very useful. Just by looking at it, you’ll find out all the materials you’ll need. Also, you’ll get a preview of what the completed project will look like.

Don’t estimate the size. Instead of drawing a map of the design area, some people decide to make guesses of how large the area is to save time. This is a big mistake as it will result in you wishing you had more space.

Do use an edge restraint. Due to the tendency of the ground moving from time to time, your pavers can move out of place. To make sure your pavers stay in line, use a reliable edge restraint. It would be a big hassle if they need to be dug up once again.

Don’t hammer pavers together. No matter how much tempting it is to do so, never hammer different pavers together.

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