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Signs you Need to Replace your Office Air-conditioning System

Ever wondered why you felt hot or uncomfortable even when you had lesser work load at your office? It might be due to an unsuspected item – the air conditioner. No matter how branded your office air-conditioning system is, you might have to keep a note about its age and its working. Typically, if the air conditioner brand also offers air conditioning services for your firm, you can be rest assured that they will take care of the functioning of the machine. But you should be aware of a few signs which tell you that the air conditioner in your office might have to be replaced and not repaired.

Old AC

Every single appliance has a lifespan. The appliance might not work properly after it has aged. For an air-conditioner, the average lifespan is about 15 years. Beyond that, the air conditioner might not work well, might consume more energy or stop working altogether. For this reason, if your office air conditioning system is this old, or even 10 years old, it’s a better option to replace it, rather than spending 20-40% more on electricity charges.

Frequent repairs

If your air conditioning services company is visiting you frequently and your management is spending a lot of bucks on expensive ac repair, you should think about replacement now. If you are able to fix the problem – it’s fine. If the problems recur, it’s advisable to buy a new one, rather than getting the same thing fixed every time. Hanging on to something of this sort is not worth the money spent.

Inconsistent temperatures

The main job of an air conditioner is to cool or heat – as and when required. Inconsistent temperatures might indicate something is wrong with the compressor or the air conditioner on the whole. If the office air conditioner is taking more time to cool, or not able to maintain the temperature – you might have to replace it, before it becomes expensive to repair. See


A proper air conditioning system would never make noise (something that’s annoyingly audible). If it’s making strange noises, then you might have to take air conditioning services from a good company. The technical staff would be able to analyse and tell you what’s wrong. If the system is nearing its lifespan, it’s better to replace it and stay peaceful for the next 10-15 years.

Reduced air flow

ACs doesn’t just cool the environment, but also blow strong air out, to cool a larger chunk of space in a certain period of time. If the air flow is not there as soon as it is turned on, then there might be some major problem in the working of the machine. You might have to replace it in case there is no air circulation or if the air flow is greatly reduced.