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Antenna Installation Tips

Your new home theatre system or digital TV is absolutely useless without a properly installed antenna. Don’t you get irritated when your TV gets scratchy sounds, flickering images and gravelly screens? All this could be a result of poor reception and you need to know how to adjust your antenna to get crystal clear images. TV antenna installations need to be done with utmost care and precautions. So, it’s better to call professional antenna installations services. However, if you are enterprising enough, you can try your hand at it yourself by following some basic guidelines.

Kinds of Antenna

Wall insulation, wiring, plumbing and even movements of people might affect indoor antennas. Outdoor antennas are generally more robust and are a better choice for your home cinema. Kinds of outdoor antenna depend on the number of channels aired in your area. An antenna’s ability to receive signal depends on its “gain”. The higher the gain, the clearer the reception. Reception is hampered by trees, mountains, buildings standing between the transmitting tower and your home. Home cineama installer offers the best TV and antenna Installations.

VHF (very low very high frequency)

Use band 1 antennas for channels 0-2, Band 2 antennas for FM, Band 3 for channels 5A to11 and multi channel antennas to catch all channels.

UHF (Ultra High Frequency)

You should use Band 4 antennas for channel 28-35 and band 5 antennas for channels 39-69.