Services Provided By Architects

Architects provide a bouquet of services from drafting your new home project to extending your existing abode or making provisions for increasing the energy quotient of your dwelling and 3D architectural designs for landscaping. This is where you’ll need the services of Architects for your home building or renovation project.

An architect provides services including but not limited to design, arranging the construction documents, supervising construction, undertaking feasibility studies, selecting sites, preparing building inspection reports and so on. You generally sign a contract with the architect where the services being provided will be listed and his fees will be evaluated accordingly.

The specifics of services

Architects are versatile professionals who can double up as an interior designer, site inspector, a home builder, or a draftsman. Discuss with your architect about the specific services you’d be engaging him for. He’ll accordingly prepare a contract in a due manner. A typical agreement will list your requirements in a nutshell and then go on to explain the specifics in detail.

Seeking planning permission

Your architect will duly counsel you on how to apply to the relevant authority in case you need a permit to construct your home according to your preferences. He’ll represent you in a liaisoning job with the planning authorities.

Supervising the construction project

Overseeing the construction of a building project from start to finish is one of the key services proffered by almost all professional architects. Rely on your architect to negotiate with the home contractor. He’ll make sure that every stage of the construction goes according to plan and that the project is completed within the time schedule.