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Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Tips

A bathroom remodel entails a lot of careful planning. You need to consider aesthetic and functional aspects, along with the plumbing requirements. A bathroom is a multi functional area and demands a high maintenance. This is one place where you not only need to spend a lot, you need to spend wisely too. See Bathrooms Melbourne

Colour Scheme

A light coloured wallpaper or paint is suitable for the walls. The floor colour should complement the wall colour. This makes your bathroom look airy and provides an illusion of space. The colour scheme of all bathroom accessories should be in tune with the surroundings. Bathroom Renovations Brisbane Northside could do a lot more in your bathroom as they’ve been in the business for years.


The material of the flooring should be appropriate for the bathroom. Stone, especially marble may look divine; it calls for rigorous maintenance though. Vinyl flooring is relatively cheap and easy to maintain.


This is a very important aspect to consider for a bathroom remodel. Inadequate ventilation can lead to mildew or mould formation on your wallpaper and wood veneers. You need to install a ventilation fan to reduce humidity.

Bathroom Vanity

This is an accessory, which draws attention. Plan a Bathroom vanity that accords with the size and colour scheme of your bathroom. Invest in a unit, which allows efficient storage. Large items can be stored in cabinets and small ones, in drawers. Wood veneer walls make the bathroom vanity look elegant. There is a host of materials for the counter top.

Laminate surfaces are very popular, but they discolour with time. Marble is beautiful, but difficult to maintain. Granite looks good and is easy to maintain. It is expensive though. A type of acrylic resin is greatly suitable for counter tops and is the easiest to maintain. Install a good quality mirror that corresponds well with the vanity. Check all your options for you Bathroom vanities Sydney