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Benefits of Installing Hardwood Timber Flooring

Flooring is a crucial factor in any house. This part of your home receives the most abuse and the biggest damage. To maintain its condition, you must be careful in choosing the materials for it.

Hardwood timber flooring is a common feature in many houses. For centuries, this flooring type has been the choice of most households until cheaper and more modern materials were introduced to the market. Because of this fact, it has been losing its popularity to many builders and construction companies. More and more households are installing carpets, linoleums, ceramic tiles and natural stones as alternatives.

Still, many people, even real estate professionals, prefer houses with hardwood timber flooring. For them, maintaining this centuries-old flooring type is a wise investment. Our ancestors knew very well how beneficial wooden floors are in their homes.

What are the benefits of wood floors? Here are just a few of them:


The brown, earthy colour of wood never fails to attract the eyes. Its various patterns and textures also provide your home classic design and style that will last for the next generations.

Insulation properties

Timber floors are great at insulating heat and electricity. It is an excellent choice for underfloor heating.


Other flooring types can give health problems. Carpets are known to be a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites as well as a place where pollutants like dust, dirt and grime are accumulated. Chemicals from linoleums can affect your health, whilst ceramic tiles can be a favourite spot for moulds.


Wood are durable materials that can withstand abuse. Other flooring types are more prone to damage. Natural stone and ceramic tiles are very susceptible to cracking, chipping or breaking. Carpets and linoleum, on the other hand, can be easily cut or torn. Even if abused many times, timber floors can be restored easily through different methods such as floor sanding.

Great for investment

Installing hardwood timber flooring is a great investment activity. Real estate professionals say houses and properties with timber floors have been sold easier. This flooring type gives an impression that the house would last long, which makes its value higher.

There are many benefits of having timber flooring installed on your house, so what are you waiting for? Buy timber flooring now!