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What Patent Trademark Attorney Are and Why You Need Them

Many people tend to shy away from what they call “legalese” or the very technical wordings used in legal documents. However, if you are an entrepreneur who’s looking to establish your brand, you will definitely have to undergo a legal … Read more

Estate Planning Tips

If you spend most of your adult life working day and night to meet your professional and personal goals, you need to safeguard the assets you have accumulated over the years. It therefore helps to plan the distribution of your … Read more

Super Contributions Get Lost in the System

Your superannuation claims can also get misplaced in case you have changed your address and failed to notify your fund managers. Your account may also be untraceable if you have changed employer or your name.

If you fail to inform … Read more

Social Media and Family Law

The explosion of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have proved to be a mixed blessing for all segments of the judiciary, particular the family law segment and its associated concomitants. If you’re thinking about filing a divorce … Read more

What is a Public Liability Claim?

A company or a person in charge of a public area takes a public liability insurance policy for ensuring the protection of members of the public against injuries due to accidents on the property. The policy enables an individual to … Read more

Pre Nuptial Agreements for Couples

Divorce has a negative effect to the couples and most especially to their children. Pre-nuptial agreements provide a better, less messy way out of the marriage without compromising on the mutual harmony during separation.

Not anymore a thing only for

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Helpful Co-parenting Tips Post Divorce

Marriage vows are supposed to last forever, but sometimes some marriages dissolve and end up in a divorce. If you have had a bad marriage, you would want your divorce to be the end of your relation with your ex-spouse. … Read more

Types of Personal Injury

Injuries affect thousands of people daily. People get injured due to several reasons. Some people may get injured due to limitations or lack of precautions at the workplace. Others may suffer plain accidental injuries. Either way, Personal injury lawyers are … Read more

Getting a Patent Application

Novelty which literally means new is referred to the product’s newness and thus it must not be a prior art of part of state of art. It actually means that the invention must be totally original and not claimed prior … Read more

Benefits of Having Regular Injury Prevention Workshops at the Workplace

Any person can suffer from a personal injury at any moment in time. You may be the victim of one while performing daily tasks at home. You are also subject to risk when at the workplace. No place is completely … Read more

Knowing Industrial Deafness Compensation

There are instances in one’s life that they may encounter or go through challenges of disability or lost of senses, it can be eyesight, taste, smell or one of the most common hearing. Hearing can be non existent since one … Read more

Mobile Phone – Avoid Using While Driving

Talking on cell phones while driving is not the only thing that should be banned. Texting while driving also causes major accidents and snuffs out innocent lives. So texting while operating a motor vehicle should be outlawed as well.

It … Read more

Financial Matters and Property Divisions after Separation

Separation is a painful phase of life for not just you and your partner but also your families. While you will have your friends and relatives to turn to for emotional guidance, you will require the services of family lawyers … Read more

Family Lawyers for Alimony

Spousal support is an amount of money which is generally given to the partner who earns a lesser amount of money. This amount is negotiable and is given for a variable number of years.

The ultimate aim is to help … Read more

Legal recourses on Drug Possession

Depending on the gravity of the charge, you either might be let off with a terse warning or you might be prosecuted by a court of law and have a pay a fine. If charges levelled against you are proved … Read more

Effects of Drugs on Your Driving Skills

Consumption of illegal Drugs are amongst the number one social menace and they rank higher than drunk driving when it comes to causing road accidents. There are surprisingly high percentage of people out there who indulge in illegal drug consumption … Read more

Divorce Planning

If you are thinking of getting a divorce it is important to talk about the legal requirements and processes with a divorce attorney. As a citizen of Australia you are eligible to apply for a divorce in your country. … Read more

Tips on Choosing a Lawyer

Lawyers with academic qualifications and specializations in certain areas are more reliable than others. Most practicing professional clear their bar exams after giving their specialization option. However, it is imperative to look for someone with experience and academics when you … Read more

Common Reasons That Lead to Car Accidents

Gone are the days when the number of cars on the roads could be counted on your finger, and the number of accidents that took place were in single digit figures. With the growing amount of cars, bikes, and … Read more