Top 3 Questions to Ask About Cheap Radio Advertising

It’s no secret that your company won’t last long if you don’t implement cost-effective and proven marketing strategies. One marketing strategy that comes to mind is cheap radio advertising. Not only does it reach a large audience but also don’t cost much. You’ll now have more budget to hire people and pay the office rent. Before getting a provider, you must not forget to ask these important questions:

How long can the ad last?

You must know if they’ll allot a certain time length for the ad After all, it will be very useless if they only allow 10 seconds. That’s not long enough to make a strong impression on whoever hears it. The ideal length is anywhere between 20 to 60 seconds.

What time will it be heard?

You may think they’re providing cheap rates because they’ll put out the ad during the wee hours of the night. Hence, you must confirm the time the advertisement will be aired. It’s no secret that the best time would be the rush hour which is usually between 7 to 8 in the morning and 4 to 5 in the afternoon.

Will I pay according to the length of the ad?

You must find out how you’ll pay for the cheap radio advertising. There’s a strong possibility you’ll pay according to the length of the advertisement. If that’s the case, you must assess your budget. If you think you’re going over your budget, you must find ways to shorten your advertisement.

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