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What Colour Is Best for a Feng Shui Bedroom?

All colours play an important role in defining a space and its perception. Each colour belongs to a season and it is one of the five elements of Feng Shui. Painting contractors believe you can also use stronger colours for the bedroom, but they must be chosen carefully because each has a different influence on you. Everything depends on the effect you want to actually get through the choice.


Red is a colour denoting Yang and strong emotions. It stimulates sexuality and work, providing energy and passion. The bedroom is dominated by red is suitable for young people, but red is very Yang, not prone to sleep.

Painting contractors say that hot red or scarlet-red garnet is preferred. If you decorate your bedroom in red, you will not be able to rest and you could have physical and mental fatigue even after a night’s sleep because red stimulates the appetite for life and energy.

A Feng Shui bedroom style is one that exudes sensual energy and balance. It is welcoming, inviting, spoiling yourself and you’re excited but calm at the same time. It is also pleasant whether you want to take a nap or you want to have a passionate night.


White represents balance. It is a colour that is active, promotes energy and can be used throughout the home, suggesting purity and trust and attracting light. What’s more, it suggests innocence and spirituality and stimulates creativity.

Painting contractors recommend using it with warm colours or earth. A white bedroom can create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere and give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness of your house.

In addition, it will help you relax after a hard day at work. Yet the art of Feng Shui recommends not to use pure white decor in the entire rooms but to combine it with colours or shades off, neutral or warm earth. Use white or ivory white, cream, beige or towards the sallow. Meaning those shades of pastel colours, which appear almost white.


Pink, made from a mixture of red and white, is indicated for the bedroom since it reduces dynamism. This is associated with harmony, good humour and understanding. It’s a calm colour that symbolizes romance, love, and tenderness. It also favours that pink is the colour of happiness and positive energy.

There are different colours available that you can choose from. After you pick the colour that you want, then you can contact painters services for reliable service.