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Methods of concrete cleaning

Concrete cleaning is a very important activity to do because the concrete is very fragile and if it is not taken care of to the fullest then it can get damaged very easily and a damaged concrete floor is a very dangerous concrete floor; there is no telling what can happen at any moment in time. There are professionals who are responsible for concrete cleaning and so you do not have to lift a finger cleaning anything. However, it is always good to know how these professionals work and what concepts they see when they are in your house cleaning your concrete so that they do no waste your money doing things that are not even considered principals of cleaning concrete. Ignorance is always the biggest co-conspirator of a con man so you have to know some things.

The best machine that is recommended for concrete cleaning is the power washer. This is a marvellous device that thrusts water at very high pressures so as to dislodge any dirt and get rid of any stains that may have sunk into the concrete. The pressure that the water comes out with is usually around 3000 psi which is quite high; high enough to do thorough cleaning and remove any paint or even heavy tire skid marks from the concrete. There is also a recommended flow rate for the water for it to be effective enough; this flow rate is usually about 4 gallons per minute which means that any lower flow rate will leave you with a pile of mud on the floor rather than pushing it and getting rid of it.

The water from the power washer can be of two kinds; it can either be hot water or it can be cold water. You will see many of the people using the cold-water powerwashers because they are cheap. They are also very light compared to the hot water power washers and they are also very simple and easy to use. They go for around 2000 dollars and weigh about 200 pounds. The hot water power washers however are another case; they are much more expensive due to the fact that it requires full-heating coils & a heat-burner system just so it can be able to heat-up the water. It goes for about 3000 dollars and weighs 400 pounds. It has an upside however in that for concrete cleaning it is more effective and cleans faster than the cold water power washers.

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