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Consideration In Choosing A Canvas Art Wall Decor

There are many options when it comes to canvas art wall decor from Australia. Choosing which artwork to hang on your wall may not be too easy, especially with the wide selection you have. But if you want to make it easier, you can arrange your options from the considerations below:


The designs are just countless, thus making the selection process is harder. You may see everything beautiful, so you want all of them hanging on your walls. For the designs, might as well consider:

• The frame – Frames come in different variations, there is canvas art pinned in rustic design frames, wooden frames etc. Choose the frame that can perfectly match your home motif.

• Motif – For some situations, use canvas art wall decor that has a motif of food or anything about cooking. Match the motif on where they will be placed.

• Colour – Choose the right colour that will match the walls paint. Darker walls may need some light coloured paintings, for lighter colour walls you can choose either darker colour paints or pastel and so forth.


Artworks come in different sizes from the smallest to largest. But if you are going to choose you must consider the size of the wall where you plan to hang the canvas art. The wall size is important for it may ruin or overcrowd your interior design. You would not want to hang a small canvas art to a large surface wall as it may come unnoticeable and same goes with a too large frame to a small surface. Give appropriate allowance to ensure that the frame will fit perfectly on your wall.

You can also hang them horizontally to create a gallery of artworks. Or you can create a wall art to showcase every art prints you have.