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Kinds of service offered by Demolition Companies

Demolition companies offer a range of services to their clients.

Asbestos removal services by trained asbestos removal agents. Old or damaged asbestos insulation material in attics is a dangerous health threat as asbestos microparticles can cause diseases like cancer and asbestosis. Stripping and removing asbestos from building requires trained asbestos removal services by skilled teams.

DemolitionEmergency demolition services are provided in situations that require instant imperative action. Emergency demolition is sometimes essential to reinstate the safety of a particular building or site. This kind of service is necessary in case of sudden fires, special threats, accidental damage or other emergency situations. Demolition services have a special emergency team who are trained and available 24*7 for such situations.

Dismantling services specialize in deconstruction of offices and buildings. Here, essential or expensive parts are preserved while unnecessary material is disposed off in an appreciate manner. The dismantling team should be trained to deconstruct ceilings, roofs, walls, tiled floors, sanitary wares and electrical wiring.

Industrial demolition is done after careful study of the building plans to predict the effects of air pressure and electrical wiring. As high rise buildings are involved, special equipment are used along with certain kinds of explosives and chemicals. The accumulated industrial debris might contain chemicals and is disposed of safely by demolition companies.

Water tank and smoke track demolition are demolition vehicles that require specially trained workforce who will follow safety guidelines while working on the project.

Every demolition project needs a proper waste disposal. Most demolition companies own their skip bins, but some would hire instead.