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Difference of Private Pools From Public Pools

Swimming pool builders can make any type of pool. Whether its for your private use or for your business establishments, these professional builders can build the pool you envision. In case you are wondering about what makes a private pool different from a public one, here are the details:

Private Pools

  • These are usually smaller than the public type, measuring an average of 3.7 metres x 7.3 metres or in feet, 12 feet by 24 feet to 6.1 metres x 12.2 metres or in feet, 20 feet x 40 feet.
  • Home outdoor living areas can either be built in permanently or assembled above the ground and disassembled after the summer season or whenever you want to.
  • The construction of privately owned types in gardens or backyards started in the 1950s in different regions and places where the summer heat was extreme.
  • The construction methods for private pools vary. The common types of in-ground pools are concrete, Gunite, shotcrete, one-piece private fibreglass shells and vinyl-lined.
  • It is only necessary that you consider the requirements set by your specific local law, including strict fencing, which requires the area to be isolated so that unauthorised children who are younger than six years of age cannot enter.
  • What’s more, it is necessary that your construction is in accordance with your local government policy to prevent any issues. You can ask your pool builders directly as for sure they know these policies.

Public Pools

  • Public pools usually start at 24 metres or 80 feet.
  • This is the larger scale type of recreational complex or leisure centre. These centres are most of the time, if not all time, have more than one pool as there can be an indoor heated pool or an outdoor pool that can either be heated or unheated.
  • A children’s pool is shallower and a paddling pool is best for infants and toddlers to play.
  • Public pools also include sauna, hot tubs, spa pools are anything else that can be accessed by the public or used for business purpose.