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Different Kinds of Roller Blinds

It’s not a secret that window treatments enhance the look of your home. It’s a simple yet elegant material can make a room ten times more appealing. One of the best window treatments to invest in are the roller blinds. Aside from the fact that it’s easy to install, these are also low maintenance.

  • Blackout

Ideal for bedrooms and home cinemas, this type of roller blinds have thick fabrics to ensure that no light will enter the room. This is perfect for people who aren’t used to waking up early and avoiding the contact with sunlight. The blackout material gives ultimate privacy to residential properties near the streets.

To prevent burglary, this product is used. It heavily blocks out the room so that nobody can peek inside it during the day and night. It would be difficult to see what’s inside with this product. Therefore, if you want to protect your house from bad people, you can invest in quality blackout blinds.

  • Translucent

For people with a nice view on top of the building, they can purchase the translucent kind. This material also blocks the sunlight whilst light is preserved. You can see right through the material, so it is not applicable for houses near busy roads. This is often used in condominiums and beach houses to get a nice view of the ocean or city lights.

  • Sheer

This type is just the same with the translucent but has a slight difference in terms of fabric texture. It reduces light and heat in a room, so it offers a great protection during the hot season. The furniture can prevent breaching and fading, thanks to this product.

  • Screen

To control the glare whilst maintaining the view, the screen blinds are used. It is ideal for living room areas and bedroom. This is easy to maintain as you only need dusting to keep off the dirt.

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