Do DIY Projects Like an Electrician Using These Tools

You can do DIY electrical projects even if you’re not an electrician. Many hobbyists are getting into electrical and electronic works. They are curious about how electricity is supplied and distributed to wires in different circuits inside home appliances. Some are exposing themselves to the risk of electrocution because of their passion for coming up with DIY tasks.

As a hobbyist, you need to purchase the tools and materials used by any professional electrician. Whilst investing in some of them can be costly, these tools are handy when there are emergency electrical repair works. Here are some tools and gadgets you can use for DIY projects:

Tools every electrician use

Pliers – Handling and cutting cables and wires can be challenging. You need to use side cutter diagonal and linesman pliers to cut wires and rubber insulation. These tools allow you to connect two wires together. They are also used to bend or twist wires, especially those made of solid copper.

Screwdrivers and nut drivers – Many electrical devices use screws and nuts to connect and fasten wires. There are models that come in a set of drivers in different sites that are attached to a handle. Just make sure the handles provide insulation to prevent you from exposure to live wires.

Wire strippers – These tools are used to cut the rubber insulation in wires. Some models are specially designed to cut different wire sizes for various uses.

Multi-meter tester – This device is used to check different for basic fault finding and other troubleshooting of electrical and electronic devices such as motors, appliances and other electrical equipment. They are made of two types: analogue and electronic.

Non-contact voltage detector – You also need a non-contact voltage detector to check if there is electrical current flowing in a wire. This acts as a safety device to avoid getting in contact with a live wire.