Drive to Succeed: The Secret to China Import Formula Success

With more than 1 billion in population, China continues to be a country to be reckoned with. Its economic success is one of the most enviable around the globe. One of the reasons is the success of importing Chinese products. Brendan Elias, the founder of China Import Formula, was able to harness the money-making potential of the import lifestyle and the benefits aspiring businessmen can get from this approach. If you are looking to succeed in the field of importing, continue reading to know more about Brendan Elias, the face behind such success:

The Import Guru

Brendan Elias is a master importer who has learned the ropes of the trade. Having learned its art from an early age, his father, Nat Elias, has built many lasting partnerships and relationships with different brands, such as Casio, Seiko, and the classic Donkey Kong that many loved. With this exposure and the knack for business despite dabbling in the world of law, Brendan Elias has helped countless individuals to rise above their financial stature and become masters of their own fate.

Master of Fate

The China Import Formula teaches people to be the master of their own fate. With the free seminar given by Elias, people will come out more knowledgeable about handling their finances and maximising their profits. He will also teach you how to be aggressive to excel in the game and to continue how to be on top. With the varying topics Brendan will discuss, you are sure to find one that will help you succeed in the business. Lend him your ears for one moment to know the secret behind such astounding success.

Relationship Building

Building a relationship with your suppliers is one surefire way to be successful in the field. The Chinese are known to be a proud race. To help them recognize you and your capabilities, learning to speak their language and their business customs are important. You need to take time to learn nuances and how they interact with each other, so that they, too, can feel a sense of connection with you.

To learn more about the business of importing, attend Brendan Elias’ talk on the China Import Formula.