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Top 4 Ducted Air Conditioning Money Saving Tips

If you recently bought ducted air conditioning for your home, you’ll notice a rise in your electricity bill. This is unavoidable since it’s an appliance that consumes a lot of power. To save energy, here are some tips:

  • Close Doors and Windows

If you turn on the AC to cool one room, you must close all the windows and doors. If you leave them open, it’s going to take longer than expected to cool it. On the other hand, you’ll save energy because the room will get colder much faster. You’ll end up turning the appliance off sooner than you originally expected.

  • Avoid Using Indoor Appliances

During the hot season, it would be a splendid idea to have a BBQ party outside whilst using the outdoor grill. It won’t be wise to use the indoor oven because it’s going to make the interiors of the home hot. That will obviously force you to leave the air con on longer.

  • Get an Annual Service

To make sure the appliance maintains its excellent performance, you must call a professional to service it at least once a year. Of course, that would depend on how often the air con is used. If it’s left switched for an entire day very often, you should call a technician at least three times a year.

  • Clean the Units Regularly

Keeping the filters of ducted air conditioning units clean can increase the efficiency of this appliance. Units with filters blocked with dirt have lowered efficiency by as low as 15%. Vacuum the filters from time to time to allow the air to flow freely. You may also need to clean the ducts to remove dirt build-up.

To get high-quality ducted air conditioning, you must purchase from a renowned seller. They’re very confident of their products so they provide a long warranty. The ducted air conditioning Sunshine Coast experts will also give you many tips on how you can properly maintain the appliance.