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3 Easy And Pocket-Friendly Ways To Fence Your Garden

Are you a dog owner who also loves growing vegetables on your backyard? Well, pets are close to us but they can be annoying sometimes, especially when you must keep an eye on your trigger-happy dog that is always in the habit of messing up your veggies.

Do you have all the time to monitor your farm? Of course, we can`t say yes always. We can put a fence around your garden to protect your veggies from your pets. There are high-quality fencing supplies from Townsville that you can install in your backyard.

Here are easy and cheap ways to protect your veggies:

1. Wooden Fencing

Wood fencing is a thing of the countryside but try this trick and see the charm it could add to your yard. What’s more, you can find plenty of material by talking a walk in the woods—not so far, just near your home. If possible, visit a local construction site and ask for any cast-off wood pieces they would love to offer. For better results, install chicken wire along the bottom to keep of sneaky animals.

2. Construction Fencing

Whilst this may not bring about the beauty you might be looking for in a fence, it is a cheap and easy option. On top of that, you can reuse it next year even after taking it down. Plus, there’s no need to buy the neon orange fence if it doesn’t impress you. There are several colours to pick from.

3. Picket Fencing

A picket fence is not only striking to the eye but also brings an old school look to your yard. The only problem with picket fences is that they may be a little more expensive to build than the above options. However, the best way to go about it is to visit a demolition site or salvage yard to see if the owners have any material that can help you out in your project.

Moreover, picket fencing will need regular maintenance to keep their appeal. You will have to touch paint once a while. Remember that you won’t always need fencing supplies to accomplish your mission. Sometimes, readily available materials can get the job done.