Building Demolition

Famous Building Demolition

Demolition not only removes the old and unsafe building and properties but also make it possible to build a new estate. And like any other structures, it needs to be done also to famous sites.

From dome stadiums to airport terminals, here are some of the iconic structures that were demolished in the past years.

John F. Kennedy International Airport Terminal 3

Also, known as the Worldpot, JFK Terminal 3 is famous for its “flying saucer” roof-shaped. This also where The Beatles departed from America in 1964. But in 2013, The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey finally decided to demolish it. The demolition started in 2013 and finished 2015.

Bay Bridge (East Span), San Francisco

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was the longest bridge in the world when it opened in 1936. But to reverse the order of how it was built, the 77-year-old East Span was dismantled section by section.

Kingdome, Seattle

Built in 1976, the Kingdome housed the Seahawks, Mariners and plenty of other events until it was diminished in March 2000. For just about 16 seconds, the world’s largest thin-shell concrete, turn to dust and debris.

Yankee Stadium

Unfortunately, baseball fans couldn’t stop the explosives from taking down the baseball’s first real cathedral opened in 1923 when it was torn down in 2009.

Grand Prince Hotel

The Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, built in the 70s was demolished from the inside. Because the building has 39 floors and 463 feet tall, explosives and wrecking ball will create damaged around Tokyo. To avoid that, the crew opt to other method and used giant jacks and electricity-generating cranes to dismantle the high-rise tower floor by floor.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is the second largest stadium in Europe and the playing venue of the English national team. Built in 1923, this place has been a host to many cup finals including League Cup final, FA Cup final, and the Community Shield and the 1948 Olympics. It got demolished in 2003, and a construction of the new stadium started, the new stadium got completed in 2007.

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