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Types of Forklift

In most businesses, raw materials and fully finished goods require transportation from one place to another. For example in construction business, the building material is transported to the construction site. For lifting and transportation purposes different types of trucks or equipment called forklifts are available.

Fork lifts are also known as lift truck or tow truck. You can select the type of forklift you want depending on your kind of equipment you require to lift or transport. Forklifts are classified into different classes based on their engine, operator and equipment features.

Forklift Trucks with counterbalance

These types of trucks are the most commonly used forklift trucks. The forks in case of these trucks are in the front and hence they do not require special facilities to be in place for using them on the site. Operating such trucks is also easy. These trucks can be powered by gas, electricity or diesel. The trucks are designed to counter balance the weight of the load and hence have weight at the rear end of the truck. For much heavier load, you may need a telehandler.

Forklift Trucks with wheel counterbalance.

The design of this forklift is same as that of the normal counterbalance forklift, the only addition being a wheel which is included in the middle of the rear which improves its efficiency. These forklifts are best where the space is a constraint, and where easy movement or flexibility is required.