Tips to make your Bathroom more Gender Neutral

The hallmark of an advanced society is the level of safety it provides to its citizens. And with the world going places, and people feeling comfortable enough to declare their choice of an alternate gender out in the open, our society has also needed to grow and include those who do not confirm only to the traditional definition of ‘male’ and ‘female’.

It is important also to understand that gender-identity is a personal choice, and one may confirm to a gender different to the one we were born with, or confirm to neither gender at all. Trans-genders, transsexuals, masculine looking women, and men with a pronounced female look and appearance are all gender non-confirming members of the society, and as a progressive society, it is our duty to make them feel accepted and safe amongst us. Check the accessories and products of Bathrooms in Sydney here.

BathroomOne way to have a more gender-neutral society is to have gender-neutral toilets in public spaces and buildings. Though there is a need to follow up such an act with proper information dissemination and awareness creation, the first step of being more gender-neutral in social places is to have a bathroom design that caters to the needs of members of all genders.

Maintaining a gender-neutral bathroom

Many clients and customers who use the toilet will have questions on the messaging outside the stalls. You should have trained staff who can explain the situation to them well. Also, if a situation arises where any of your customers is uncomfortable using the stall, you should be able to handle it.

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Contact a plumber if you notice any leaks and clogged drains.