Home Improvement

Give A Fresh Look to Your Bathroom with These Simple Tips

The bathroom is one of the areas of every house that needs special attention. With coating some paint, changing the faucets and being creative, you can transform your bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are more ways to do that:

Deep Clean the Tile Grout

Tile is one of the materials that can spruce up your bathroom. However, mildew, bacteria, and debris build up on the surface over time, ruining the whole bathroom look and worst, being a health risk to your family. Cleaning your bathroom tiles regularly can prevent this, you can do it yourself or hire a professional to help you. Not only it will make your place pleasing to the eye but it can make your floor last longer as well.

New Shower Curtain

If you have an outdated shower curtain in your bathroom, it might be time for you to take it down and replace it with modern design. New curtains won’t only make your room more welcoming, but they are also important to control the natural light and for privacy.

Replace the Tapware

Taps and faucets are prone to mess (soap build up and stains). The style of the taps also changes over time, so people will know how long have you been using your fixtures. So, update your tapware to impress your guests and spruce up your room. There are many styles available in Bathroomware House. You can visit their website to see their full catalogues.

Fresh Paint

There are many ways to liven up your bathroom, and painting the walls is one of them. Unlike installing splashback, paint is inexpensive and easily changed. Adding a fresh coat will also make your room look larger. However, before you get into the actual painting, it’s wise to first consider the mood you want to create. Like for example, if you want the room to be more sophisticated, paint it blue, if you want to make it brighter, use yellow or white.

New Towels and Rugs

Nothing really affects the general look of a bathroom as much as the towels and rugs. No matter how well you clean your bathroom, if you have worn out rugs and dirty towels, it is still going to feel somewhat dirty. So, replace these things if you want to give your space a fresh look.

Add Plants

Add something green in your room by putting plants. This cannot only enhance the place’s appearance but it will also limit the moisture and improve the indoor air quality.