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Choosing Glass Balustrades for Staircase

If you have recently moved into a new home that is equipped with all the modern amenities like a swimming pool, a sprawling courtyard or a balcony, then you need to ensure that these areas are properly fenced. You can go for a perfect balustrading mechanism that not only looks stylish and elegant but provides an all encompassive safety net.

glass StaircaseWhy not go for a glass balustrade? Glass is a very versatile material that is being increasingly used as an architectural material in home improvement. You come across concertina doors, kitchen splashbacks, showscreens, and swimming pool fences made of toughened glass. Glass balustrades as fencings for staircases have gained in popularity over the years. Glass balustrades offers you some unique benefits.

Offers see through views

Since glass is transparent, having a balustrade made of glass can offer you an uninterrupted view of your surroundings. Irrespective of whether you’ve a staircase inside your home or outside, you can opt for a balustrade that is made from toughened glass.

Glass balustrades let you have a 360 degree view of your surroundings no matter wherever you are. You could be sitting in the porch or watching your favourite TV program in the living room, the glass balustrade will let you have a crystal clear view without interrupting your privacy.

These days you’d come across glass balustrades running alongside staircases inside homes, along footbridges and besides steps leading to terraces. These balustrades are made from high quality toughened glass making them very durable and specially coated to prevent slipping.