Golden Rules for Yard’s Irrigation

During summer, homeowners need to put extra effort in watering plants to avoid diseases. It’s no doubt that healthy flowers and shrubs receive the right amount of water daily. Good thing, you can easily provide water sprinklers in the yard to help you save time and energy. Consider the following rules in the yard’s irrigation:


1. Keep evenly moist soil

Most plants require an even distribution of moisture. This is to promote continuous growth even just watering plants in the morning. What you should do is carefully dispense water to flower bed so all of it can absorb an equal amount of moisture.

Experts say not to water plants daily as it can cause damage to the roots. Take in mind that you can do this twice a week given the right amount of water.

2. Keep leaves dry

Contrary to what most people say, wet leaves can be prone to disease. Remember that wetness can attract moulds formation and other pests. Termites like to eat something with moisture and breed eggs on this site. Therefore, keep out of watering plants at night to avoid disease.

3. Use clay-rich soil 

Soil that is clay-rich has better expanding properties than the ordinary loam. The water is better distributed with clay so take advantage of this during problematic seasons like summer and winter. Consult expert gardener to find out how you can protect your yard from harsh sunlight and changing the weather.

4. Weed control

You can’t prevent the weed from sprouting in the yard because of moisture and sunlight. Since these absorb nutrients meant for flowers and shrubs, you have to get rid of them. While watering flower beds, make sure you inspect hidden areas where weeds can be found.

5. Call the experts

If you really want an equal distribution of water in the yard, better call the services of professional irrigation Brisbane. They offer exceptional irrigation system meant for small and big gardening space.