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A Guide on Planning Your Bathroom Layout

If you want to take your home improvement skills to a higher level, then one of the things you should do is the familiarise yourself with your home’s plumbing layout. This is essential especially when you’re in the early stages of planning your home. A good place to start is the bathroom.

Take a graph paper and draw the layout of your bathroom to a suitable scale. There are several online computer programmes that can also help you to draw a sketch of your bathroom. Drawing a layout will allow you to have a clearer picture of where exactly each fixture should be installed.

The standard practice is to place the bathtub at a corner perpendicular to the wall where the lines have been fixed. The toilet and washbasin are positioned on the plumbing wall. In case there is a window or skylight and you want to take advantage of the natural light, plan your plumbing layout accordingly.

Interpreting your Drawing

Once the drawing is complete and you know where exactly to install each fixture, you can easily determine the number of inlets and outlets. In case you find it complicated, hire the services of plumbers. No job too big or too small if you contact them.

Remember that washbasins and bathtubs will require both hot and cold water while the toilet will require inflow of only cold water. So, you will need assistance in connecting these fixtures to the heater system. When it comes to the shower, install the inlet at appropriate height to suit different users. Plumbers know the appropriate length and size of pipes that must be connected to a main pipe that will carry the waste to the septic tank or sewer connection.

Also, outlets must also be vented correctly to ensure that the foul-smelling toxic gases do not enter your living areas from the sewer lines.

It is important to know the exact number of fixtures to determine the required of inlet/outlet points. A typical bathroom having three fixtures (bathtub, washbasin and toilet) has a drain, waste and vent as the chief plumbing components.

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