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A Beginner’s Guide To Wall Cladding

If you want to improve the curb appeal of your home, wall panelling is one of your many options. But before you call your favourite contractor to give your place a makeover, here are the basic details that you should know about this type of home improvement.


Wall cladding is the covering of walls using materials such as wood, brick or stone. Apart from enhancing the look of the room, it also protects the walls from dirt build-up and other elements. Some owners use this type of decoration as an alternative to tiles. Businesses also use this to breathe life into their commercial spaces.

Different Types

There are many types of wall panelling, but here are some of the best to give you an idea:

• Rock Panels – Rock panels are made of natural stone and adds a timeless elegance to any wall. They are available in a variety of style and colours.

• Basalt 3D Panels – Basalt 3D panels are hard-wearing and adds a sophisticated appeal to any room. More commonly seen in commercial establishments, this usually comes in two colours: grey and ebony.

• Basalt IL Panels – Basalt IL panels form a smooth linear panel that suits any room with a luxurious ambience. It is available in two colours: grey and ebony.

• Monarostone – Monarostone is for owners who want low-maintenance wall panels. It’s random stone veneer create an uncanny resemblance to the Californian homes back in the 1960s.

• Quartz Tiles – Quartz Tiles instantly add an elegant appeal to any wall and are ideal for rooms with minimalist or contemporary designs.


Whilst each type of cladding requires a different installation process, they are all pretty much easy to install. If you are a homeowner and you want to DIY the installation, you can do so if you have the tools needed. Otherwise, it’s wise to leave the matter in the hands of professional installers to ensure the quality of installation.

Hiring Professional Installers

Save yourself the time, money and stress by making sure that the company where you bought the wall panels have professional installers. This way, you won’t have to go looking for another. Companies like Norstone in Australia offers a range of first-rate wall cladding types and employs professional installers that can help you.

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