Shutters Over Curtains
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Having Plantation Shutters Over Curtains

Are you having a hard time choosing between plantation shutters and curtains? The decision may not be easy, but to help you further, below are the things you may want to consider:

• In terms of insulation, plantation shutters are considered to be one of the best, even when compared to blinds. The flexibility of this type of window cover can provide full coverage to windows, whatever size or shape it may be. Curtains may vary depending on the thickness of fabric used.
• Elegance is more in favour of the curtain, as curtain can add nothing but elegance to any room. On the other hand, plantation shutters may not give you the elegant effect whilst the other can definitely improve the look of your room.
• Maintenance is swift and easy with plantation shutters. Wiping using a clean cloth can remove all the dust on your window cover. It also has an available finish to resist scratches, stains and dents. For curtains, regular cleaning is required, especially that it can easily get dirty. Even the heavy-duty curtains are prone to tear and fading.
• For the price, curtains are a lot cheaper to install compared to shutters, and that same goes with the replacement or change.
• In terms of lifespan, plantation shutters can be a permanent fixture of the house. If taken care of, expect that it can last for 20 years or even more. On the other hand, for curtains, the lifespan may be dependent on the fabric and maintenance. Nevertheless, curtains are to be thrown after 10 years or less.
• Cost effectiveness? It is obviously in favour of plantation shutters. The installation may cause more than the curtain, yet considering the durability and low maintenance, you are getting better saving from it.

If you are not sure which type to purchase, consult the experts in plantation shutters from Central Coast. It only takes one call and they can help solve your window treatment problems.