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Painting Service Steps and Heat Reflective Coatings for You Home

Many people mistakenly assume that a good job of painting involves the judicious use of high-quality expensive paint. While using good quality paint is important for the final effect the quality of a commercial painting service is decided even before the first brush stroke of paint. The skill of the commercial painter and the surface preparation are very important in terms of producing the perfect finish.

Invest in a good power wash

Painting ServicePaint is preceded by the primer which is applied on the base material. If the base material is substandard or damaged the primer won’t work and the paint will come peeling off after a few months. It’s important to first clean and repair the surface before you think of painting it.

The first step in a commercial painting job is called the power wash and this includes basic repair work like replacement of wooden parts that have rotted away, repair of door frames and window sills. The weather stripping is bound to be damaged after some years so get that replaced as well.

Ask your commercial painter to use a professional power washer and thoroughly clean the surface with a mild detergent and water. Tell them to use a brush with firm stiff bristles.

Do the sanding right

You will notice small undulations in the surface and unless you get the surface evened out, the painting job will not come out well. It’s best to use resin fillers to fill in large sized gaping holes while spackle is adequate for treating shallow holes. Caulk is a good solution for filling in cracks.

Heat reflective coatings is specially designed for roofs. This type of painting protects the roof from sunlight and rains while maintaining a cool temperature inside your house.