How To Choose A Home Builder?

Home building is one of the most important and expensive investments of your life. You would like it to be well-constructed, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. The builders can construct your dream house. But if you ever hire the wrong company, they may turn your haven into hell! While there are so many home building companies all around, selecting the best can be a daunting task.

A Little Preparation

For any major task, a little preparation ahead can make your job easier and searching for a home builder is no exception. You can start by collecting the names of all major and trusted builders in your area.

Ask your friends, neighbours or colleagues about builders who they know can do a job satisfactorily. Talk to the local real estate agents for references of reputable builders or look up the real estate section of your daily newspaper. Once you have identified a few companies, pay each of them a visit and seek references of past or present clients.

Visit the clients’ homes (if possible) to see for yourself or speak to them on the kind of services received from the builder. Compulsory questions to ask would be if the contract was completed on time and within the budget.

Ask if customer service is prompt and satisfactory and contractors is courteous to your queries. You would also want to know if the clients received regular update on the progress of their project and were all issues (especially after construction problems) resolved amicably and on time.

Since you’re in the driving seat you can always bargain for a more realistic price as luxury property prices have a high markup price. Check with your estate agent about similar luxury homes sold recently before you can start to bargain. Fernbrooke Homes extension builders have built over 300 homes. So you have plenty of option when you want to achieve your dream home!