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Horizontal Or Vertical Blinds: Which To Use?

Overall, windows provide different functions to your home. Yet, most of the time, they cannot fully fulfil its duties to your house. They need backup support to make them work better. As such, they need window coverings such as blinds to make them more beneficial to your house.

Because they control the entrance of light and air in your house, blinds can keep your room more comfortable and bearable to stay in. Moreover, they can provide complete privacy and darkness in the room.

There are two most popular types of blinds—horizontal and vertical. Whilst they might be the same for common people, interior designers provide a clear distinction between the two. Their differences can help you decide which type to place to get the most of your purchase. Here are some of them:

Direction of the Windows

Designers prefer to use vertical blinds on windows facing east or west and horizontal ones on north- or south-facing windows. The blind’s light blocking properties are largely dependent on the angles wherein they can be adjusted to screen the sunlight.

Size of the Windows

Designers prefer horizontal blinds for short and wide windows. Vertical ones look elegant on narrow and tall as well as wider and larger windows.


Horizontal types are great for rooms where you need complete privacy. They are designed in such a way that the view can be shut completely from those outside the room. Vertical blinds, on the other hand, might provide some privacy, but the panels can be easily disturbed even by a weak gust of wind.

These are just suggestions by designers. You can choose any of them depending on your personal preference. If you still are undecided on which to pick, you need to consult with professional designers and suppliers and installers of these covering types.

The vertical blinds from Brisbane can provide the best suggestions for your specific needs and want for your house. Just be specific in the room design that you want to achieve and how horizontal or vertical blinds can make them shine.