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What is Hydrostatic Testing?

Hydrostatic testing is a method of non destructive testing technique very prominently used in industries. It is specifically used in testing large pipes for detecting leaks and cracks. It is important that you test a pipe or any liquid or gas carrying cylinder before actually transporting.

If it is not properly tested chances are that it may lead to a fatal accident or explosion. Hydrostatic testing is a highly sophisticated and precision intensive technique. It is advisable that you get a professional Hydrostatic Testing Service to do the testing of your products. It is for the safety of the equipment as well as safety of the life nearby.

How to choose a hydrostatic testing service

This is an advanced scientific technique that requires state of art testing equipment with which testing can be performed with high accuracy and precision. Hence it is important that you hire a Hydrostatic Testing Service for the same. Ensure that the service you hire is a professional and experienced company.

You can check their quality of testing service with customer feedbacks and testimonials on their websites. Make sure the company has trained professional hydrostatic tester and is legally licensed to carry out the work.

A good Hydrostatic Service will be insured and will provide a guarantee on their work. This is necessary as if there are any unexpected damages during the testing, it will be covered under the insurance of the company.

The water is usually dyed or colored before use. This gives a better visual representation and clear indication of leakages and faults.