Perks of Installing Doorbird Intercom in Your Office

Having an intercom in your office has many benefits to it. And whilst some residents still choose to go with a traditional type such as a buzzer or doorbell, you can opt for various modern types such as a swipe card, pin type or even one with a smartphone feature.

Now, before you choose what model and brand you want for your home, it’s important you get a clear idea of the number of benefits it can offer you.

Here are the perks of installing DoorBird intercoms in your office:


One of the top reasons why most people opt to have this device installed in their workplace is to provide an additional layer of security to their property.

And thanks to this security device, you can verify who is knocking on your door before letting them in. Traditional ones only allow you to hear the voice of your visitor whilst high-tech ones come with a built-in camera for you to see who’s outside.


Another benefit you get by having an intercom, particularly a DoorBird type, is having the convenience of seeing who’s knocking on your door or gate right from your smartphone. It even gives you the chance to talk with your guest if you want to ask about the purpose of their visit.

If you have an unexpected visitor, and it’s someone you’re not familiar with, you can take a screenshot from your phone and send it to your security team in case an unlikely incident happens.

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Market Value

Lastly, having an intercom for your house raises your property’s market value. When your clients and guests start experiencing the kind of convenience, style and protection you get from this device, they’ll want one for their place as well.

As a business owner, you want to secure the protection of your building and all your employees. Therefore, make it a point to invest in things that will strengthen the safety of the office. After all, why go short on something that brings long-term benefits?