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Benefits of Pelmets

The best thing about pelmets is that the bottom layer can be shaped to give any look you want. After you shape it you can accordingly choose a good cover for it, preferably one that matches the curtains. Since there are no set pelmet shapes, you can choose to cut in a triangular, square or curvy manner.

A uniquely shaped pelmet will automatically make your house look unique. It is one of the easiest ways to make your interiors stand out. In order to shape your pelmets though, you will need the help of a professional interior designer and carpenter.

Utilizes useless wall space

Pelmets help cover the useful or dead wall space above the curtain. This is why pelmets are especially advantageous when you have a wide gap between your curtains and ceiling. The gap is hidden to an extent and makes the room look brighter and richer. Otherwise, the wide, blank wall space would give the house a very sparse look.

Economical decor

PelmetsPelmets make for economical decor items. When you install pelmets, you won’t spend too much time or money on it. Furthermore, it will make the house look better. In all, this proves to be one of the easiest ways to brighten up the house besides investing in rugs, carpets and good quality furniture.

Size and type of interior decor, choose a pelmet that will compliment the room to maximize its benefits.

Your window and door pelmets should blend in with the existing structure, style and ambience of the house. If it looks out of place because of its size, texture or colour, it will ruin the look of the entire room.