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What is a pest inspection report?

Pest inspections reports normally contain details of inspections that are carried out by pest control inspectors who find out whether pests and termites are present in the exteriors and interiors of your home, especially the wooden structures. The report deals with specific issues relating to termite and pest infections.

The report is just a feasibility study on the extent of infestation that has been done to your home structures and does not offer any guarantees or safeguards on the basis of the Pest Inspections Southern Highlands .

pestWhen you approach a bank or any other lending agency for a property mortgage, the lending authority might ask for a inspection report. A licensed pest control inspector from the agricultural department or a certified entomological expert employed by any private pest control company is authorised to carry out the job.

What are the areas of infestations?

Now, there are different types of termites that are wood destroying, subterranean, and structural that might breed in the different structures of your home. The structures and areas that termites are most likely to infest are joists and rafters, building finishes and joints like skirtings, doors, windows, cupboards, ledges, mouldings, and architraves.

They are most likely to be found in outdoor and indoor wooden structures like fences, pool surroundings, and landscaping timbers, fireplace logs, paving blocks, sleepers, tree stumps, firewood, garden tubs and boxes.

You’re likely to find termites or pests in surface or foundation walls, wooden pergolas and bridges, wooden debris, and items containing cellulose. The pest inspections mechanisms most commonly used are sounding, automated moisture detection through moisture detection meters, and probing.