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Some Secrets of Plumbers Revealed

A plumber is very important in our society. Commercial plumber on The Gold Coast make sure that our sewage lines are intact, they fixt our pipes and keep the water running. But information about what they do under our kitchen sink sometimes are hard to understand and they are very elusive. So here are some of the things you might not know about what it means to be a plumber:

• They would rather fix toilet clogs than kitchen sinks of restaurants. Because every fat, oil and grease drain in the kitchen sinks in huge amounts, these tend to be clogged more frequently than toilets. Moreover that grease can harden and accumulate in the pipes which after sometime will have a stench far worse than toilets. And because they are oil based, once they stick to clothes and skin are far harder to remove. Sometimes, plumbers use alcohol to clean every surface of the skin and sometimes they have no choice but to just throw their clothes away.

• They hate drain cleaners and want you to stop using them. These chemicals do not do the job completely and offer temporary relief to the problem. Moreover, they are very corrosive to the metal parts of your pipes and can destroy them which mean more work for your plumber. However, what they really hate is that they are most often surprised when drain cleaners splash into them without warning.

• They hate people who try flushing their mobile phones. When mobile phones are accidentally dropped in the toilet bowl, no matter how grossed out you are, try and get them still. They are made of materials which do not break down easily and will just block and ruin your pipes.

• The movies are real. They really sometimes are hit-on. Most plumber report to have flirtatious encounters with their customers. Some even have near sex experiences.

• Some of them have really gotten themselves covered with raw sewage. Because of this, they can be picky with their customers and might say that they are fully booked when complaints are about stations of poop access. They actively avoid the job when being covered with sewage is an issue. However some are still not too grossed by this, don’t worry.

• They are at risk for a lot illnesses and can get very sick. Because they are dealing with human waste, most plumbers have also dealt with Hepatitis A. Most have gastrointestinal illnesses, being exposed to E. coli and some even harbored intestinal parasites.