Home Maintenance

Plumbing Priorities Before Your Vacation

Leaving the house for a holiday vacation can be exciting as you escape from the daily routine. You get to enjoy a different view, munch on an incredible food and relax to a hotel. This can be overwhelming, making us forget what we’re leaving in weeks and that is our home. Before you pack your things, mind to prepare your water system to get away from costly repairs.

Adjust water heater temperature

When no one’s going to use the water heater, take note to adjust the temperature to cool down the machine. This is important to prevent gas leak and fire throughout the house. You can also shut it down if you will be out for more than two weeks.

Clear drains

Since you will be away for quite some time, you need to prevent nasty odour to circulate at home. Clear the debris and moisture in the drain. Any leftover food should be cleared to prevent pests from breeding. Pour down slightly warm water into the drain a few hours before you go. This way, tiny particles down there can be melted and washed away.

Clean garbage disposal

It is advisable that you remove any leftover dirt in the garbage disposal. If you will not do this, expect tremendous pests lingering at home when you return. The same goes to sink traps as you need to completely sanitise bits of leftovers.

Shut off water supply

To get away from possible leaks and flooding situation, make sure you shut off main water supply. You can locate this device near the metre. Before you go, check if the metre is moving. If not, then you’re free to go.

Doing all these can give you a peace of mind and fully enjoy your vacation. If you ever encounter a glitch after returning home, you can always contact Slim Flow Plumbing. Their emergency plumbers Sunshine Coast can fix any plumbing situations at any time of the day. To learn more, visit their website today.