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Plumbing Services Tips: How to Unclog the Toilet by Yourself

The toilet is known to be one of the parts of the bathroom that must be clean at all times. For obvious reasons, bacteria tends to form here, and this is a must to be cleaned up. Take note that this is also known to be prone to clogging, and it can really get smelly once that clogging worsens just like in most public toilets nowadays. Gladly, there is plumbing services Sydney that can help you with these, and they even provided tips for you to apply so that you can unclog it by yourself when the need arises.

There are steps on how to properly unclog the toilet at home as advised by plumbing services, and take note that they tend to advise these to their clients once they did the job done as well. Here are the following:

Prepare for the Mess First

Since there might be high chances of splashing once you do this method, make sure that you at least consider cleanliness on the bathroom flooring. Make sure that you place some paper towels or at least a newspaper on the floor so that the liquid will get absorbed. This is known to be the most basic thing that you need to do before you fix clogged toilets, and will make cleaning easier to do than mopping the floor later on.

Clear the Clogging

If you can see the source of the clog, make sure that you do the best to remove it from the toilet. If hands can be used for this step, do so because you can clean up your hands later on. If not, then use something that can reach and grab it. If it’s impossible to see or at least do with your hands, then make sure that you use plungers for the job. These plungers will effectively finish the job in a fast way indeed.

Flush the Toilet

For you to identify if the problem has been solved, make sure that you flush the toilet right away. This will help you learn if there are any clogging problems on the toilet or if there are none anymore. After flushing it, make sure that you fill it with water as well so that it will be flushed again. In this way, you will be able to double check if the problem has been solved or not. If not, then plunge more.

These are the basic steps on unclogging the toilet to assure you a good way to make your bathroom more clean once again. Rest assured that even the best plumbing contractors tend to advise these to their clients to assure that unclogging is actually an easy thing to do.