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All About Glass Pool Fence

Glass pool fences are fencing systems whose shafts are made of processed glass and joined together by hinges of non ferrous material. Australian laws require all public, commercial and shared pools to have fencing of at least 1.2 m in height.

glass poolGlass pool fencing will satisfy all required legal norms while providing an attractive addition to your swimming pool. You can be sure that a professional pool fencing service will be able to install a glass fence which will keep unwanted intruders out and alloy you to extract the maximum benefits out of your pool. After installation, Pool fence safety inspection Brisbane must be carried out.

Different kinds of Glass Pool Fences

While all glass pool fences are made from processed segmented glass, the balustrade can be supported in different ways. You can either opt to conceal the surrounding channel or a stainless steel ultra strong anchoring. There are various types of fences but all of them can be generally grouped into two broad categories; frameless and semi frameless glass fences.

Frameless glass fences have no metal posts for support and depend upon high resistance strong clamps which are fastened at the bottom of the fence. These kinds of fences ensure that the view remains unblocked and the pool is secure. However, if you want a private pool with less visibility this might not be your correct choice.

Semi frameless glass fences have either steel or aluminum posts for support, strengthening the whole structure. These kinds of fences are more economical and are commonly used by families.

Both types of fences, when installed correctly will comply with the Swimming pool safety act (Australian Standard AS 1926.1) . Pool Inspections follows this standard.

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