Building Inspection

Why Is Pre Purchase Building Inspection Important

There’s no seller in the world who will undersell their home and tank the value of their property, so when you are buying a new home, a residential or a commercial building, you will always hear a “yes” from sellers when you ask about maintenance. You need to be careful with these types of issues as they are the types that become a long term issue eventually, and doing a pre purchase building inspection is part of your due diligence to make sure that you are not getting a property that is riddled with a lot of problems. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

The first issue that a pre purchase building inspection is the repair issues. If an older home or building is up for sale, you should always ask the question of why. The typical answer to this is that many homes, especially ones that are older than five years old, will have repair issues somewhere. Be it electrical, insulation, plumbing or even pest problems, a home is bound to have a problem because somebody has lived in it. Doing an inspection will reveal all these problems to you, which will then help you determine the correct offer that should be forwarded to the proprietor.

The next issue is always the safety aspect of the property. The last thing that you want to happen to you, your family or your potential commerce is to have an accident because of the structural integrity problems of your building. Because materials age naturally, together with neglect, you are bound to experience various levels of disrepair that can lead to unwanted accidents. If you find some but you’re still interested, you need to add the costs that will incur you to the final price and make the correct bid for the property.

Finally, the pre purchase building inspection will make sure that the building is up to code. Australia is one of the countries that are very strict with the building code, and if any violations are discovered after you have done the purchase, the penalties will come down on you.

There’s a lot of worries that come with a property owner and you need to relieve yourself of these. While you are bound to spend a little extra money and time if you do a building inspection, it pays for itself in the long run.