Home Maintenance

Property Maintenance Tips

Before buying a property , most buyers will have Pre purchase Property inspectors examine the building to determine necessary repairs and ensure safety and comfort before moving in. But it doesn’t stop there, property maintenance is not an easy task but is definitely a very important one. Peeling plasters, faulty cisterns and damaged tiles, concrete cracks, pest infestations, all need to be fixed in time to avoid further damage to the property. Regular pest inspections Tablelands is important part of property maintenance to control any pest infestations, they can also provide the best termite treatments. This is not only necessary for maintaining the look of the property but also for keeping the property in perfect condition. A few handy tips are an easy way to ensure your property remains in good condition.

Repairing plaster

Before repairing plaster, you must remove furniture from that area and cover the rest of the place with sheets. Thereafter scrape out old plaster. Apply water and let it dry for some time, following which you must apply a bonding agent to fill the crack. The excess material must be removed using sandpaper.

Finally apply paint and let it dry. If the wall seems rough or uneven, apply another coat of plaster and scrape off the excess material using rough paper. Damaged plaster can therefore be replaced easily and quickly.

Check garage door for safety

Put the garage door into manual mode and lift it. It is fine if it goes up smoothly and stays above the ground at approximately three feet. If it falls, contact a pro to counterbalance it. Another safety check can be done by placing a medium sized object like a small box under the shutter. If the door bounces up on touching the object, you can be sure of safety. In other cases you must call a propfessional building maintenance.

Filling rotted timber

The process starts with removing the rotted section of timber using a chisel and hammer. It should be left to dry for four weeks and kept away from rain. After this, drill holes 5 mm deep in the timber in a honeycomb pattern. Wear rubber gloves and apply a hardener using a brush. The hardener must be left to dry. Finally apply timber filler in the chiseled area with a knife and smoothen out the extra filling.

Painting the door

First of all sand the edge of the door to smoothen it. Uneven edges can make the paint stick to the door frame. Use non stick spray to the blade of the scraper to avoid making the process messy. It ensures that the old paint flakes do not stick to the scraper. Either put an extra hinge to the door or detach it and place it on sawhorses. Then cover the hinges with masking tape and remove the extra tape. Finally paint the door without allowing it to run. You may also install screen doors for security reasons.

Applying new finish to floors

The first step to applying new finish to floors is to clean it by vacuuming and sweeping as thoroughly as possible. Thereafter clean it with a mineral turpentine solution to ensure sufficient ventilation through fumes. Apply low tack tapes positioning it against the wall to protect the skirting boards. Finally apply the finish, overlapping every stroke to avoid lines from showing. The first coat should be left to dry up after which sand the floor and finally apply another coat of finish.


Lastly, another important aspect of property maintenance is cleaning. Many homeowners would say that cleaning can be done on their own, however this is not the case at all times. There are instances wherein you will need a professional to do the work for you. For instance, if you have a 3-storey property, it wil definitely be hard to do window cleaning work on the exterior then it will be wise to simply hire window cleaners Caloundra to do the task. Also, Tree removal Brisbane should never be a DIY job. Removing dead trees is a must but should only be done by a professional to avoid accidents and injuries.