Once you try real estate positive gearing for the first time, you will quickly realise that it is quite a challenge to overcome…

The most difficult part of investing in a property with positive cash flow is getting started. When you finally decide to start and purchase the initial piece of the estate which produces positive cash flow, you will have completed 90% of your tasks and achieved a lot more than the other 99% of people who are trying to do what you are doing.

The question now is: How do you begin investing in land with a positive flow of cash? What do you have to do to start earning experience in this labour-intensive market?

  • Begin by searching for property.

Leave your comfort zone and begin the search for a land mass with positive gearing. This task is already tough because those land masses are normally hidden in places which are had to reach. Do not give up, keep searching and you will eventually find an untouched estate that you can invest in.

  • Be familiar with analysing any financial deals.

Look at all the deals which are available to you before you begin investing. Examine the data presented to you, do your homework on the target location, then finally think about any way you can improve on this and how much the deal is. Consider your resources such as your rental income and if the area will offer a cash flow in the positive direction. You need to crunch the figures and numbers to find out if this area will profit you in the long run.

  • Take a crash course on Investment prior to making an offer.

There are seminars and books on real estate investment that you can learn a thing or two from. Other educational material on positive gearing may come from podcasts, blogs or magazines. Learn as much as you can about this topic so that you will understand the technical terms and know about the common tricks of the trade. All of this knowledge will help in the decision process, particularly when you will start making investment offers.

Effective Real Estate Positive Gearing 101