All you want at the end of a tiresome day is to sleep peacefully. So, losing sleep because of an uncomfortable mattress might be the last thing on your mind. Therefore, if you’re thinking of going for a new mattress to replace the one that you’re using, you should take your time in selecting the one that suits your needs. After all, you’ll be sleeping over it for almost 8 hours every night, at least for the next five or ten years.

Inner spring mattresses are the highest selling amongst all types of mattresses in Australia. An inner spring mattress is supported by the spring system and the arrangement of the spring system determines the quality of the mattress and the price it commands.

The Tempur brand of inner spring mattress is heavily sold followed by Sleepyhead, Sultan and Simmons. Then, there are mattresses that are made from latex derived from the Acacia (gum) tree. This type of mattress adjusts to your body posture while you recline and provides comfortable cushioning.

Superior latex mattresses do not come cheap but is extremely durable, lasting nearly 30 years. Dunlopillo, Crown, Tempur, Sealy, Madison, Sleep City, and Sleepmaker are some renowned brands of latex mattresses.Memory foam mattresses became popular after astronauts used these for the first time for their space voyages.

When an inner spring or a latex mattress is provided with an extra cushioning pad made from latex, memory foam, or plumes, it becomes a pillow top mattress. Mak in Mattresses, Dunlop, Slumberland, A.H.Beard, Crown are some famous brands in Australia making pillow top mattresses.

Mattress Manufacturers In Australia