Snow Holiday Tours

Your kids are pampering you to take them on a Snow holiday NSW tour where they’ll have ample opportunities for snow sculpting, skiing, sledding, snow skating, snowboarding, tobogganing, and snow-tubing. The following activities are by far, the most popular ones. Take your pick.

Snow Shoeing

Leave your footprints in the sands (replace that with snow) of time with snow shoeing. You don a pair of lightweight snowshoes to leave a trail over miles and miles of land that is enveloped with a blanket of snow. These areas are quite inaccessible and therefore hardly explored. You can soak in the idyllic sights of unspoilt Alpine vales while you go snow shoeing.

Moreover, the latest snowshoes are very versatile as you can wear them over your normal boots and go snowshoeing solo. Yes, you can do without professional help as these shoes give you the much needed support as you trudge through the snow.

There are accommodation houses that you check online where you want to spend your weekend holidays.

Dog Sledding

No other snow activity can match dog sledding when it comes to having unalloyed fun. The kick that you get out of being driven in a sledge cart pulled by a team of robust and gregarious Alaskan huskies or coyotes is really transcendental. Just imagine the excitement of being carried away at speeds of 20-25 kms through snow covered landscape dotted with alpine trees dripping snow than just staying in your hotel rooms.


These days, many travel agents encourage tourists to go tobogganing. Tobogganing is gaining a popular winter holiday activity and is provided as part of an entire package in many snow holiday tours. You can easily hire a pair of wooden toboggans from the hotel you’re putting up at or from any ski shop and go tobogganing down a mountainside.

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