Security Screen Doors
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Installing Steel Security Screen Doors

Check if the screen has triple styled hinges which form a protective barrier around the set gap and also give firm structural support to the screen. If possible try including a metallic sub frame that will minimise the effect of expansion (in summer) and contraction (in winter).

Normally a good quality steel screen will lock into the floor in multiple places with three locks. Good screens will have excellent power coating that keeps it safe from corrosion and rust.

Know your door

One of the most important factors to bear in mind while purchasing a security screen is the shape and size of your door. A well informed salesman will anyway question you in the beginning about your door because the screen will have to fit your door precisely.

You can mention your preferences of having a double door screen or a sliding screen (that can be opened to let in fresh air). Another kind of screen is the hinged screen but you will have to check whether it is compatible with your door.

Keep your screen safe

Don’t choose the cheapest screen you find because it is likely to be of bad quality. Go for Security screens Brisbane, a reliable company which offers you a quality assurance and a warranty. Never use hot water on a steel screen as this might expand the metal. Don’t poke your screen with sharp objects and in case of any malfunction call up the company servicemen who would check your security screens and help you.

Disturb with flying insects? Try the magnetic fly screens.