Seeing even one rodent in your home is a clear sign that you should start working out and contacting termite control from Brisbane. Pest control in its early stages is important to prevent any type of damage brought about by the infestation.

The earlier into the cycle you get the service, the easier it will be for you. Before your technician comes, there are a few preparatory steps that need to be done to make the entire process easier for both parties.

  • Keep All Foods

The first preparation you need to do before getting a professional team to bomb your home with pesticides is to take all foods that are not in a container, can or jar, to a safe place away from all the activity.

Put them in the fridge or store them in heavy plastic containers, up until around two weeks afterwards. Since pesticide tends to stick around, you would want to always wash bowls and containers before using them to put food in. This reduces the chance for pests, especially rodents, to feed on your food.

  • Search for Holes

Search for holes and tight crawl spaces where pests might stay in. Repair any doors or windows that don’t close properly and dark, musty gaps that can harbour rat litter. Whilst these areas can be the locale where pests will go to afterwards, the technician will take care of these during the clean-up. Plugging them now removes any chance for pests to go out.

  • Clear the Area

Remove anything and everything that you typically put food and beverages in, more specifically from areas around the kitchen countertops and refrigerators. If possible, clear as many items off the sink cabinets as possible to help facilitate proper spreading of pesticide during the pest control cycle.

  • Talk to Your Technician

Discuss with them the problem, areas where the pest is typically seen and areas of special interest in your home. Vermin are creatures of habit and instinct, so they will follow the same path as long as they feel that it’s safe.

Any traps that are set up by your pest control expert need to be kept as is and undisturbed. Do not touch any of these unless they have already been triggered

  • Keep Your Home Clean

Always keep your home clean and free from trash. Remove and sweep any instances of food particles, crumbs, exposed, rotting food material and other organic material that may interest vermin. Keep lids on your trash cans closed and empty regularly.

Steps to Take Before the Pest Control Company Arrives