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What are Telehandlers?

Telescopic handlers better known as telehandlers are extensively used for heavy duty jobs in the industrial and agricultural sectors. A telehandler resembles a forklift but performance wise it is similar to a crane. It gets its name from the large protruding arm called the telescopic boom that can extend back and forth. It is mainly used for moving heavy loads from one place to another that is beyond the capacity of a forklift. Attachments such as pallet fork, lift table, and manure grabs are affixed at the raised end of the telescopic arm for picking up and moving the load.

Benefits of using a telehandler

Telehandlers have an edge over forklifts and other conventional cranes in that they can lift and move very heavy loads. They are designed and manufactured in such a manner that they do heavy duty jobs. But the operator handling the telehandler has to efficiently manoeuvre the machine. See different Types of Telehandlers

The boom which lifts the load, acts as a fulcrum that can make the machine jerky despite the provision of counterweights at the back to balance the load.

The loader has a ready reckoner, in the form of a load roster, where a comprehensive listing is given about the sort of loads that a telehandler can lift. The boom height and angles to be used in each case are also mentioned.