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The Difference Between Green and Seasoned Timber Gluts

Timber Gluts are a really useful tool for general labor contractors to use when splitting wood for various purposes on the job site. The general labor contractors have two main choices to choose from when it comes to using timber gluts to split wood. The first and preferred choice is to purchase premade seasoned gluts that has been measured for the job at hand to be done. The second choice is for the general labor contractor to take the time out of the job to make their own gluts from green wood found around their job site that will be functional and inefficient.

Timber GlutsIt can be really difficult to make seasoned gluts on the job and most find the green timber gluts are easier to make when they are needed. There are several differences in the benefits of the seasoned gluts and the green gluts besides the initial task of buying them or creating them from scratch. It is a chore to make the gluts with just an axe, but it can be done. The gluts made with just an axe are not the most efficient gluts available. Some gluts are almost completely impossible to use without major problems.

The seasoned timber gluts are more resilient and can get more of a beating while splitting the wood. It can take nearly three times the amount of blows on a green glut to do the same job as a seasoned glut. The seasoned glut is made of a harder and tougher wood and can really take a beating.

The seasoned timber gluts have a much longer life span as the green gluts do. A seasoned glut can out last four green gluts while doing a better job the whole time. The seasoned gluts are generally made in a wood workshop and are smoothed out with very few, if any, rough edges. The green gluts are generally carved with just an axe by hand and are a really rough cut that has to use extra force to make the wood split the way it should.

The seasoned gluts are a better deal all the way around when you consider the cost of them. They are easier to use and will save your general labor contractors a good bit of money and work. The seasoned gluts are ready to go and do not take time away from the job at hand to be done. The seasoned gluts are especially popular in Western Australia.