Plantation Shutters
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Tips on Maintaining Your Plantation Shutters

First-time homeowners must know that plantation shutters are worth the money. These window enhancers will change the style of a home, bring up the resale value and help people save on their electricity expenses.

Whether these window blinds are made out of wood or another material, they are built to last for a long time. Of course, the shutters will last a lot longer with proper care, but the good news is that these products are easy to maintain. Whilst this is a worthwhile investment, it is also a huge one, so it is up to the homeowner to keep the shutters in good condition.

A vital part of this maintenance involves cleaning the plantation shutters. If the homeowner does not do this on a regular basis, the dirt and dust from the environment will accumulate and wreck the sheen. Here are some guidelines for maintaining this product:

Maintaining window blinds made out of wood

The homeowner needs to know what type of material was used to make their window treatments. Blinds which are formed out of real wood are as easy to clean as the faux ones, but the wooden ones may get warped or damaged if water is used on them. The homeowner can spray some wood polish on a dust cloth and then do some serious dusting. If the window blinds have tiny crevices or grooves which are a magnet for dirt and dust, the homeowner can spray a bit of polish on a toothbrush to get into those areas which are difficult to reach.

Maintaining window blinds made out of synthetic material

A lot of faux window enhancements are formed out of a certain kind of vinyl. Shutters which are installed indoors need to be dusted a minimum of once per week. Homeowners can clean the product with the soft brush part in their vacuum cleaner. The slats of the plantation shutters should be tilted upward and vacuumed gently. Once this is done, the blinds need to be tilted downward for the same process. The bottom and top of the window blinds should be vacuumed as well.

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