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Tips to Make the Bedroom Look Bigger

There’s a reason why a small bedroom can be difficult to design, especially if there’s a huge bed. However, you can do something to avoid sacrificing the sense of style and comfort. Here are some useful tips to make it look bigger:

Light coloured wall

Ever wonder why most hotels have light coloured walls? The reason behind this is darker paint absorbs more light which makes the space constricting and smaller. Light paint which reflects natural light, making the room illuminated and spacious. You can make the white paint as the background and just pick any colour to serve as the accent. It may be gold, silver or red for a more vibrant feel.

Space-saving furniture

Right now, you can create a storage on your bed to avoid clutter and save space. These are called smart storages that are hidden between other furniture like doors, bed, cabinets, and more. In case you don’t have a walk-in closet, you can just place clothes and shoes at the button of the bed. Also, keep out from creating shelves on top of your bed. This makes the room smaller as the ceiling is emphasised.

Install mirrors

The ultimate illusion to make the bedroom space is through mirrors. The bare wall can have a depth if there’s a mirror on it. Definitely a good cheat for a brighter and even stylish room.

Smaller lamps

To exaggerate the sense of space, purchase small lamps and place it at the side of the bed. You can purchase thin but tall lamps to have an illusion that the ceilings are high.

Get professional help

Don’t do everything on your own. Instead, consult renovation builders to have a unique yet functional design that’s appropriate for the size of the room. Contact home extension services to help you get started with your renovation or remodelling.