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Tips To Revive Old Windows

House exterior is something we don’t always pay attention to. Not unless there’s a tragic mess that demands to be fixed. Windows, for example, needs a little revamping. A simple clean-up isn’t going to bring back the shine, good thing, there are techniques you can do to revive them. Here are few:

1. Remove old unit

Extract the old windows starting from the parting stop. This is the lining located on the sides of the window. If you’re new to this thing, you can always get professional help from the carpenters. This is pretty tricky especially without the use of proper equipment. After that, cut the rope and pull out upper sash. Remove the pulleys and it’s clear.

2. Find the latest design

You can go check curtains Geelong to see latest window cover designs. You will find out that there’s a specific kind that matches your home. In case you’re a bit indecisive on which to get, contact a friend to help you. Nothing beats thorough planning, so before you do anything to your window, research the process first. Don’t leave the job on hiatus as it is dangerous. Break-ins can happen if you leave it for days.

3. Paint

After purchasing a new set of windows, update the paint surrounding it. Colour coordinate to accent the look. You can experiment with the colours as long as it matches the theme of the house. Don’t forget to apply the first coating to avoid flaking and tearing of paint.

4. Back it up with window treatments

Complete the look by availing the right window treatment. Curtains never get old. It’s elegant, simple and easy to install. Find the fabric that can block the light as well as establish some privacy.

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